A Photon Observed in the Double Slit Experiment

Why Am I Writing The Book - Power Thoughts?

Three Reasons:

  1. I have read many great books about the Law of Attraction that changed my life, but none of them explained why like energy attracts like energy and how it works, in a scientific way.
  2. So, I am completing their work in this book.
  3. I want to share with you my discovery: The 3 Major Wisdoms That Can Make Your Dreams Come True.




“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”[1]

                                                     ― Nikola Tesla


Dear readers,

            When I was studying social science at Wellesley College, my Chinese friends used to ask me, “what is the difference between social science and natural science in your understanding?” My response, “social science studies the rules (written and unwritten) made by human beings, natural science studies the rules made by Nature. Since human beings are not as powerful and wise as Nature, the rules they created have always been challenged and changed, for better or worse. On the contrary, the rules made by Nature are constant and never change, that’s why they are thought to be truth, and searching for truth is important, because knowing truth empower us.”

            When I was a natural science student in China, physics and chemistry were my favorite, because I loved observing Nature and discover the patterns of how things exist, interact, and transform. To the contrary of the common Western belief that science conflicts with religions, I see them both as different thinking tools to help human beings to understand Nature/the rules of Nature, especially, after my Wellesley education.

            As we observed from history, Nature rewards those individuals and societies that follow its rules with good health, love, peace and abundance/freedom, and Nature punishes those who fight against its rules with sickness, chaos, loneliness and poverty/slavery. That is why understanding the rules of Nature is vital, and I found that the Law of Attraction happened to be truth.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

Here is the summary:

It is an observed pattern of Nature. This pattern exposed three important truths:

  • thoughts are made from energy;
  • like energy attract like energy;
  • people/societies can improve/impair their health, wealth, and personal/international relationships due to the above two reasons.

            There is not much doubt about the first item, because we know that thinking needs to consume energy. Since energy is a constant[2] vibration being[3], so, it’s just mainly transformed from food to ideas besides supporting the body and egesta. 

            The second item caused some controversy, because some advocates of The Law of Attraction preached the idea of thoughts can directly affect the environment, which is almost impossible to prove. Otherwise, we won’t have so many high school dropouts since almost all teachers and parents want their children to succeed. Also, even just one case proved it doesn’t work, it can’t be claimed as truth, because truth should be true everywhere at anytime under the same conditions.

            However, there are plenty of empirical scientific evidence to prove that thoughts can indirectly affect the environment or allow us to see things more clearly and differently than without putting your mind onto.

            For example, in the famous Double Slit Experiment [4] we used to do in the chemistry class, the outcome of an observed particle's [5] behavior changed with our thought focus. When the observing camera was switched off, our thought focus was wondering whether the observed particle would behave as a vibration being, because the setup of the double slits was to see whether an interference pattern would occur on the screen. So, the outcome showed the wave respect of the particle which is a pattern of interference.

            When the observing camera was switched on, our thought focus was wondering which slit the observed particle was passing through, so the outcome showed no interference pattern. Why? Because the switched-on observing camera reduced the visibility of interference fringes[6], not directly changed by our thoughts.

            To summarize the experiment in another way, when the camera was switched on, we focused on the smaller picture, the slits, so we saw a particle without wave character; when the camera was switched off, we focused on the bigger picture, the screen, we saw a pattern of interference. It was our thought focus decided our action of switching on/off the camera and thus led to the different outcomes. This experiment not only proved that particles have both characteristics of wave and particle, but also proved that our thoughts can indirectly change the environment and choose what to see or experience. Also, don’t expect a different outcome if we kept doing the same thing.

            In reality, the observed particles had never stopped vibrating. In fact, everything in the universe is a vibration being, as pointed out by Nicola Tesla and confirmed by George Paget Thomson[7]’s Matter Wave Experiment. The reason that we usually can’t directly see the vibrations is because of two reasons:

  • first, we need to observe waves through different media, such as, air for photon waves, water for sound/light waves, internet/radio station/TV station/magazine/newspaper…for people’s waves…;
  • second, human beings’s capacity to see things are limited, we can only see a very small amount of wavelengths of light, we cannot see light when the wavelengths are too short or too big.

            Why am I talking about vibration at the beginning of the book? Because, without understanding that everything in the universe is a vibration being, we can never understand why The Law of Attraction is Truth.





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