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: There are free e-books, which are the first five downloadable items below. Right click on the symbol that looks like a printer, then click "save target as". If you don't have the Acrobat PDF reader, you will need that to download and read the e-books. To download Acrobat PDF reader click here: Acrobat. Once at that site scroll down to the bottom to get the free version. There are pictures below that can be downloaded, which children would enjoy coloring. Right click on the symbols that look like printers. Then right click on open link. Then click on file. Then print.


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Free Stuff To Download Below:

Child Safe Identification Kit

Download childsafe_id_booklet.pdf

Zucchini Squash Recipes

Download zucchini.pdf

Salad Dressing Recipes

Download dressings.pdf

Enchantment - Connect Dots & Color

Download EnchantmentPicture.jpg

Mother and Daughter to Color

Download Mother_DaughterToColor.jpg

George Washington to Color

Download GeorgeWashingtonColoringPicture.jpg

Geometrical Design to Color

Download GeometricalDesign.jpg

Child and Flowers to Color

Download ChildAndFlowersToColor.jpg

Grocery Shopping to Color

Download GroceryShoppingPictureToColor.jpg

Sleeping Beauty to Color

Download SleepingBeautyToColor.jpg

Egyptian Picture to Color

Download EgyptianPictureToColor.jpg

Boy in Hospital to Color

Download boyhospitalcoloriingpicture.jpg

Puzzle with Zoo Words

Download PuzzleZooWords.jpg

Iris & Fairy to Color

Download IrisFairytoColor.jpg

Maze to Figure Out

Download MazeToFigureOut.jpg

Crocodile to Color

Download CrocodilePictureToColor.jpg

Fashion to Color

Download 20_sfashiontocolor.jpg

Florida to Color

Download FloridaToColor.jpg

Giraffe to Color

Download GiraffeToColor.jpg

Skater to Color

Download SkaterToColor.jpg

Horse to Color

Download HorseToColor.jpg

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