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- I am founder and director of Wisdom for Courts, Laws, and - Bookmark This Site!DeborahSociety, for which this web site has been set up. My name is Deborah Reid. I have comprehensive knowledge from a combination of life experiences, talking to many other people, observation and reading about the inadequacies, incompetence, and corruption in the court system, other crime related systems, and other systems related to our safety and survival. I have experienced injustices in civil court matters. It is a common occurence for Americans to be wronged in civil court matters. I have also been a victim of crimes, including violent crimes, and did not get court justice about that either. It is a common occurence for crimes of abuse and violence to be trivialized in the U.S.A. court system also. Many crime facts, statistics, and case examples can be reached by clicking on "Sister Site" in the menu bar at the left side of this screen.

The founders of the U.S.A. left Europe to escape tyranny by the rulers. Perhaps you are aware of the history of the King of England not allowing the citizens to have freedom of religion and the land owners of England firing the English farm workers resulting in those people not having the means of survival. So they decided to come to America for a new life, but to pay for their transportation here they had to agree to be endentured servants for a number of years. Then even after they paid off their transportation debt the King of England continued with a type of bondage by imposing high taxes upon the colonists. They decided to have a Revolution to gain independence from England. However, as our government and laws are based upon the English government, this country has rulers that, although they are not called King, they have the power of a King. That power enables whomever has that power to be tyrants over U.S. citizens if they want.

Such tyranny happens in the U.S.A. court system, other crime related systems, and other systems related to our safety and survival when judges, district attorneys, magistrates, police officers, and all others in positions of authority abuse their power by ignoring the laws, ignoring the evidence, not administering justice, and not protecting crime victims from further victimization and not protecting all other Americans from crime. In England and in early America, the people easily recognized the tyranny and understood the need for change for their very survival. In the present time, the understanding is not in the minds of enough Americans yet. Too many powers that be are content with the present system that allows tyranny and are misleading the American people to believe that nothing more can be done to change the system any more so than what has already been done.

The colonists started a violent revolution because they were being highly taxed with no representation.Declaration Today the vast majority of Americans have no representation about very serious matters affecting their very survival and so it's a much more serious matter than high taxes. We are being wiped out one by one due to foolishness in the court system, other crime related systems, and other systems that affect our safety and survival. I realize that many Americans may not know about all of the system foolishness. I'm hoping to change that by giving Americans a detailed education about just what is going wrong in the U.S.A. that is as dangerous and deadly as the tyranny of the King of England, if not even more dangerous and deadly. However, I need help with this endeavor. Although the changes that are needed are common sense wisdom that would be applied in most other areas, because they are innovative and would be a major change it will take millions of Americans getting involved with this endeavor and at least expressing their opinion before the powers that be will cooperate.

I have been a volunteer citizen activist/lobbyist for this cause for 16 years. I started this charity 10 years ago. In this position of founder and director I have never been paid. Although I've been doing an excellent job for this charity's causes and thus for the American people, this charity has not received many donations. I have read that there are 1.4 million charities in the U.S.A. and charity receipts of $183 billion annually. The few thousand dollars this charity received from people over the years were from women that were wronged in civil court matters. That money was spent on previous publicity and lobbying strategies. Perhaps many people think that the well funded charities are saying and doing all that could be said or done to address the serious societal problems of crime and the court system failures, but they are not. Gavel

There is a need for funding to come to this charity because this charity has the knowledge, insight, courage, strategies, initiatives, and adequate solutions to adequately address and work to end the U.S.A.'s serious societal problems. I have even paid about half of the operating expenses using my credit line because: (1) there wasn't enough donations to continue with the charity's activities, which are truly needed by Americans, and (2) because it really upsets me to think about all of the nice people that are being brutally victimized, even robbed of their very lives, by criminals and to know that elected officials haven't, thus far, been willing to reform the court system to make the judges, district attorneys, and others in the system come to the rescue of victims in the many cases where that is possible and won't run the system in such a manner to seriously discourage such crimes to the public at large.

Over the years I've worked with a small group of other volunteer citizen activists/lobbyists and also worked individually to bring forth education and promote innovative wise solutions for serious problems in regards to the court system, other crime related systems and other systems related to Americans' safety and survival. The elected officials and the media have been made well aware of what the serious problems are. I've sent them hundreds of detailed letters. For more details see our Sister Site, www.angelfire.com/stars4/wisdomforcourts. That web site has a link back to this web site. Although the media has allowed some publicity for this charity, they haven't, as of this writing, understood the need for much media coverage. The elected officials haven't understood the seriousness of the societal problems this charity works on either. I have observed that the powers that be in those areas are not usually victims of crimes or court system injustices themselves.

From 16 years of experience as a citizen activist/lobbyist I have learned there is a strong resistance to innovative wise reforms. For whatever reasons of their own, the elected officials have a mental block when it comes to rooting out the problems and perfecting the court system, other crime related systems, and other systems that are related to our safety and survival. I have observed that the elected officials have cooperated with some people's demands as a result of the following: (1) large campaign contributions, (2) civil disobedience such as rioting, and (3) very large organized groups of people - large enough to affect an election. I won't ask the citizenry to make large campaign contributions or have a riot. I believe that the innovative wise reforms can be accomplished non-violently if only enough people will get involved. Since the elected officials haven't been cooperating when individual citizens or small groups of citizens lobby them, it is necessary to develop a very large organized group of people to be citizen activists/lobbyists for this charity and its' causes. I'm smart and have excellent analytical skills and thus I can analyze societal problems and think up many innovative wise reforms that most Americans could agree upon.

The activities will be simple. They would be writing letters to the elected officials about the same societal problem at the same time as other volunteers. I will present a societal problem with proposed innovative wise reform(s) for your consideration and for consideration by the elected officials. If you like my reform ideas, you can promote them by writing to the elected officials about them. It would also help for volunteers to tell other people about this web site so that they can read it. They may also want to become volunteers. They may also want to buy some productsLetters to help with the operating expenses of this charity or even make money donations. It would help for me to be able to relate to the public that a certain number of volunteers have already signed on as a means to encourage others to join in as volunteers. If you would like to be a volunter, e-mail to DeborahGailReid@yahoo.com with your contact information. It would be best for me to communicate with volunteers via e-mail. If you don't have an e-mail address yet, a librarian can show you how to sign up for that. Librarians are paid tax dollars to help people. The company with the free e-mail account with the most space for e-mails is www.yahoo.com.


The mission and goals are: (1) to bring together all of the Americans that are concerned about crime, failures of the courts, other crime related systems, and other systems that affect our safety and survival, and concerned about the resulting human suffering, injuries, disabilties, and death so that we all can work together to get the second goal accomplished, which is (2) to get adequate innovative wise reforms made reality in the U.S.A. so that crimes, especially crimes of abuse and violence, and failures, i.e. inadequacies, incompetence, and corruption in the court system, other crime related systems, and other systems related to our safety won't be the realities of life here.


Since the serious societal problems stated in this writing still need innovative wise reforms and I can not afford to keep going further into debt for the operating expenses of trying to reform the court system, other crime related systems, and other systems related to our safety and survival, there is a need for funding. One method of fund raising will be this web site store. Since this is the first time this method of having a fundraiser via the internet has been tried and I don't know how well it will do, money donations are still needed. The address is Wisdom for Courts, Laws & Society, P.O. Box 15352, Durham, N.C. 27704. If you wish to make a donation using a credit card, Pay Pal will accept credit cards. Click on the Pay Pal button below to go to a form that enables donations to be processed through them. Thank you for any donation.

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