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NOTICE: You will need a MasterCard or Visa credit card to sign up for this plan. Even if you don't currently own a computer, you can sign up for this plan. You may find a friend that will let you use his/her computer to build your web site or use one of the public library's computers for that purpose. So, don't let not owning a computer stop you from signing up for this plan! If you are a successful recruiter, it won't be long before you've earned enough money to pay for a computer and also be able to pay for more products and services you would like to pay for.


AWARD WINNING SERVICE AND SUPPORT - Fast, reliable, much easier than the well known Internet Service Providers, Wisdom's Internet Service Provider is the one for delivering superior service, valuable member benefits, and unmatched technical support. For those reasons, Wisdom's Internet Service Provider is consistently rated among the very best. Get the best internet there is.

ComputerFASTER SPEED - LESS WAITING, MORE SURFING - takes speed seriously. Nationwide support for 56k modems (and we support the V.90 international standard) is available, so you can get where you need to go - fast! There is a special 56k Fast Access resource site to answer your questions about 56k internet access and find the fastest access available in your area! It's simple, wider bandwidth equals faster speed. The widest bandwidth that exists is used and continuously upgraded with the latest technology. You'll have faster speed with Wisdom's Internet Service Provider than other providers due to superior bandwidth! Surf at the speed limit!

ClockTRUE UNLIMITED ACCESS - NO BUSY SIGNALS - No more trouble logging on, no matter what time of day or night. Think about that the next time you need to connect in a hurry. Say "Goodbye!" to frustrating disconnections during that long file your're downloading or important stock trade! Anywhere, anytime access!

Computer5 E-MAIL ACCOUNTS - POP3 & WEB BASED - Five people in your household can now have their own e-mail address without having to pay extra. Plus, Wisdom's Internet Service Provider, not only offers POP3 based access (i.e. Outlook Express), but Web-based access as well. Forget about calling home from a trip to New York just to see if you have e-mail, because now you can check it yourself from any computer with internet access. It's that simple. Why pay more? Get more from Wisdom's Internet Service Provider, much more!$$$!

ComputerPARENTAL CONTROLS - SAFE FILTERED INTERNET ACCESS - Most web filtering software won't block peer-to-peer (Gnutella, Napster, etc.) pornography. So serious is this problem that Wisdom's Internet Service Provider is using new technology to filter these and other p2p networks. This new technology is included along with sophisticated web filtering methods in our internet access. Powerful content analysis is included and URL blocking as well. These are the key ingredients for a very powerful and effective filter. What's your child's safety worth?

NO CONTRACTS, NO BANNER ADS, NO HASSLES - Finally, you can surf the web at incredible speed without any obligations, and without all those pesky ads popping up all the time! Wisdom's Internet Service Provider is the one you've been waiting for!

ComputerSECURIPHONE - LONG DISTANCE, SAME AS LOCAL - SecuriPhone provides secure encrytped communication for business and personal use. Voice, Instant Message, File, Document and Photo Transfer are now safe from illicit interception, eavesdropping and storage by unauthorized third parties. SecuriPhone is the worlds' first and only service that offers secure encrypted internet phone calls, secure on and offline text messages, and file transfers, all in one simple program. Say good-bye to expensive long distance charges forever!

ComputerFREE PERSONAL START PAGE - The personal start page is a unique and powerful "members-only" service that's there for you every time you fire up your browser. You'll be able to start every web journey from your own customized, dynamically updated site that's filled with all the tools and resources that you need. The personal start page makes it incredibly simple to get all the latest news, sports scores, weather forecasts, stock quotes, maps and directions, and a great selection of the web's top reasources. There's also an automatic e-mail indicator, personal reminders, a collection of powerful search tools, and much more. You get to choose what you want, where you want it. Get the internet your way!

FREE 5MB OF PERSONAL WEB SPACE - Your membership also includes a very generous 5MB of free personal web space - more than enough to build your own home on the web. Use your place in cyberspace to tell the world a bit about yourself, your interests, and your family. Or you can ever use it to set up a business presence on the internet. It's no problem if you don't know anything about creating a web page - the free online page builder makes building one as easy as clicking your mouse.

Computer YOUR SUPPORT STAFF - The number one mission is to provide you with unmatched access to the internet - and that means providing unmatched technical support. The Wisdom's Internet Service Providerstaff of highly trained and friendly support technicians are available 24/7. They give you all the help you need in plain, simple language - fast! There are plenty of free software downloads to help you surf the internet with ease! Have it your way! Get Wisdom's Internet Service Provider today! If you're not convinced yet to sign on, the following information may be more convincing, even very convincing for you.


ComputerNow you can look at the internet in a whole different way. When you recruit someone to Wisdom's Internet Service Provider, you'll be paid $4.00 each and every month for each and every person - just 5 recruits and your service is totally free, month after month!

WAIT! - it gets better! If the people you recruit, recruit someone to Wisdom's Internet Service Provider, you'll be paid for that individual as well. Likewise for anyone they recruit, and again for anyone that individual recruits - that can add up in a hurry! Let's say you were to recruit only 5 people so that your membership is free and they did the same:

Level/Commission# of CustomersMonthly IncomeYearly Income
1 at $4 per month
2 at $1 per month
3 at $1 per month
4 at $3 per month

With just 5 recruits per level, you would earn $2,045 each and every month in commissions! That's an extra $24,540 per year. Simply recruit someone once, and get paid for it over and over again! Making money really couldn't be any easier!!!

But wait, what if you recruit only 5 people per month for only one year, and then decide to stop, sit back, and collect your profits. Here's what would happen:

Level/Commission# of CustomersMonthly IncomeYearly Income
1 at $4 per month
2 at $1 per month
3 at $1 per month
4 at $3 per month

MoneyInMailYou would be receiving over $24,000 each and every month! That's almost $300,000 a year, each and every year!!! You would be making a doctor's salary for something you only had to done once! Not bad, huh?

Imagine if you were to recruit 50 people instead of 5 or how about 100 or even 500!!! The potential is amazing!!!


EVER DREAM OF BEING YOUR OWN BOSS WITH A HOME BUSINESS? - You couldn't have a better business at a better time. It's like having your own Internet Service Provider Company without having to buy any equipment, pay any franchise fees, deal with employee related payroll or taxes bookkeeping, or spend time servicing customers.

With Internet Service Provider companies serving millions upon millions of customers, it's the perfect way for you to cash in on the exploding internet phenomenon with monthly profits from the service that everyone needs to access the internet! It's like owning a toll booth, only better!!!

ComputerYou're paid each and every month for each and every person using the internet service regardless of whether they're surfing the web for information, shopping online, trading online, or just checking their e-mail.

It's easy to sign people up. Why? Because they have two big incentives: award winning internet access and a one of a kind recruiting plan that pays them for each and every individual they recruit, over and over again, each and every month! What's even better is that you'll be making even more money from the people they recruit.

You'll receive a complete, turn-key marketing kit, absolutely free! That kit shows you step by step how you can earn tons of money by providing better faster internet service to others for less. It couldn't be easier!! There is no guarantee of income. It all depends upon you. Results will vary. You could make more or less depending upon your efforts. However, within your immediate circle of family, friends, and acquaintances, you may find your first five recruits or even more recruits.



  • Better, faster internet service for less!
  • The only Internet Service Provider that pays you month after month for recruiting someone once!
  • The only paid Internet Service Provider plan of it's kind that with adequate recruits lets you enjoy free membership and also establish a healthy extra income


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your service. It's much better than ___________ ( another Internet Service Provider). I'm so glad I switched over. I've also made a few extra bucks.... Thank you so much! - E.P.; Dallas, TX

You guys are the best! I was able to buy a car...., it's amazing! Everyone I know jumped at the chance to sign up when I told them how much money I was making. Thanks again! - M.M.; Chicago, IL

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me. Your service is first rate all the way! I never imagined I could make so much money with so little effort. Thanks a million! - M.D.; San Jose, CA

Your plan is excellent. In just 7 months, I was able to quit my full time job because I'm making a lot more with your (my) internet business. Now I have time (and money) to do whatever I want! - R.H.; Washington, DC

The statements above were taken from customer testimonials.



Sign up and get a free marketing kit valued at $50!

You will need a Mastercard or Visa credit card to sign up for this program.

Sign up now and get a free gift worth $350!!

When you sign up within the next 5 days you'll also receive a free gift valued at $350. At this time that gift is a CAMTEC 35mm Fixed Focus Camera and Strap and 100 Rolls of Kodak Film (as film has an expiration date, these don't all arrive at once, but rather as you send in a roll to be developed, you get a free roll back). There is a small shipping and handling fee to receive the camera. The cost of Wisdom's Internet Service Provider is just $19.95 per month. However, as has been discussed in the previous paragraphs, by recruiting people to sign up for this plan the monthly fee is reduced and with enough recruits eliminated.


If you are interested in this plan, you can call the main headquarters at 1-888-256-5458, which is a toll free telephone number. The code you will need to sign up is 5206. When the receptionist asks for an e-mail address just say that you are calling in to sign up for the service. I've already asked her about that matter. If you sign up for Wisdom's Internet Service Provider you will have e-mail addresses. If you don't currently have an e-mail address, but want to communicate with me by e-mail prior to signing up, don't hestitate to ask a librarian to help you register for a free e-mail address.


Deborah Reid

DONATIONS: If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, write a check to Wisdom for Courts, Laws & Society. Mail it to P. O. Box 15352, Durham, N. C. 27704. If you would like to donate with a credit card, click on the Pay Pal button below. Thank you for any donation.

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